Merry Christmas


Thank you for a wonderful season; we are closing the farm for 2021 tree sales. We want to make sure we have a great selection of trees for you for next year! Merry Christmas!

Bowling Green's Local Christmas Tree Farm

 We still  
have a few holiday wreaths for sale!

Perfect gift idea!!
Contact Donna (270) 392-1112 Fresh, Fraser Fir, 24 -28 in.,


Do you sell tree stands?

Regular size tree stands are available 

We use the Tim Mitchell YULE BASE SYSTEM - the drilling machine makes a hole in the bottom of your tree and will make any tree stand straight, every time! With this system, you can use the same stand and watering bowl year after year - & we provide the drilling free!

What else do you offer?

We offer complimentary tree shaking,  tree baling/netting which makes getting your tree home easier than ever. As always we will help secure your tree to your vehicle.

How much do the trees cost?

All varieties of trees will be $10/ft.

Inquire with owner about tree pricing for trees over 10ft.